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Mid-America Region
of Narcotics Anonymous
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    Last Updated:
    May 29, 1999

    Note: This Website is under construction! If you are using Netscape this site will not look correct (yet). 5/24/00
    This site will be changing soon. Updates will be virtually nonexistent while the new site is being built. 6/26/00

    Welcome to the Mid-America Regional Home Page.
    This page is not affiliated with or endorsed by this web server or any other entity.
    This page's purpose is to supply information on meeting times of the Mid-America Region for anyone who needs them. However, because of the nature of the meetings listed here at any given time this list can be inaccurate do to meeting times possibly changing.
    It is suggested to verify a meeting time and place by calling one of the Area Helplines or by emailing the Mid-America Region.